Old Coots On Scoots #67-Freedom Riders


About Us.

Chapter #67's Coordinator is Ken Hernandez (ghetto)  his wife is Barbara Hernandez (barbie). Our Goal in Chapter #67 is to make new friends and ride. our favorite place is with our knees in the wind. we are members of an organization that spans across the world, there are aproximately 72 chapters total. We dont have Presidents, we dont have any rules, we are not a part of any MC bike club. We are just a bunch of old and young coots that like to ride. We have breakfast socials every other saturday at The Dennys Restaurant in Puyallup Washington. where we meet up with members  catch up and plan rides. Check out our Calender for upcoming events and keep checking for updates to our ride to sturgis and Mt Rushmore leaving Aug 1st. we look forward to meeting you and riding. Contact us if your interested in Joining. have a great day. Keep your Knees in the wind..
Chapter 67's Bikers Creed

I ride when the sun shines, when the rain falls, and when the wind blows.

I ride where the road takes me, where it begins, where it ends, and where others cannot reach.

I ride for minutes, for hours, for days, for weeks, and for years.

I ride to find cures for cancer, for children, for charities, and for no reason at all.

I ride to live life, to embrace fear, to see the world, hear the wind, taste the rain, and to kiss the sun.

I ride and see and feel things that others do not.

I ride with and for my fellow riders.

I ride to experience the beauty of my faithful steed of iron and chrome.

I ride for it is what I am and what I do.

I ride, simply, just for the ride

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